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Martial Arts Personal Training

How is personal training in KDA going to help me?

Private coaching can be a very important part of your martial arts growth. It’s a great way to lay the foundation for starting martial arts and it can also be important for that “plateau” period which everyone hits at one point or another in their training. It can also be helpful as a way to hone skills or parts of your training that may need more work than others – whether that’s fitness, techniques, ground work or even something like self defence.

– Focus on your KDA syllabus / belt techniques
– Tweaks for yor next KDA Grading
– MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Training
– 1 on 1 Focused Martial Arts Training
– Ground Work / Sparring
– Improve Your Fitness & Flexibility Levels
– Relaxed, Friendly & Convenient Sessions
– KDA Members Discount

When can I have a personal training session?

Any time you’d like as long as we book it in advance and it doesn’t interfere with normal KDA class times 🙂 If after work or during the day is better for you, then that’s is when your session is. We work out when the sessions are most convenient and then book the time in to train. Simple as that.

Where can I train, I don’t have any room at home and don’t want to go to a park!?

The personal training sessions are at my own home (in Hextable), so you don’t have to clear out your spare room, go to a local park or trample your garden with the neighbours watching.

How much will it cost?

KDA Personal Training Sessions are 1hr long and cost £35 per session.

To book a KDA Personal Training Session with Matt or for more info please call either…

Matt on – 07811 390 923

or email for more info

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